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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Chumming up with no scam on lifestories' review

«Is it possible to meet your fate trying to communicate with foreigners on dating website?»

Internet has such huge web base of dating resources that chumming up with foreigners is not considered to be something unusual.
Almost everyone could have similar story: occasionaly you meet your ex-classmates in blogs or social utility and find out that they are living abroad. The motivations of their departure may differ, of course. But dating stories with foreigners in many cases are similar: they give a start from the popular websites.
Lovestory of Max and Katya should be called as «My great London wedding».
Their communication started on the Ukrainian dating website for foreigners
Katya used to keep any correspondence with a lot of men before, but she did not take it seriously, just like for fun.
Torrid love affair with Max got started. Online communication by letters, by web cam, and, of course, visiting his dear girlfriend in Ukraine. The main issue to resolve — the place to live together — Ukraine or United Kingdom?

As far as I remember they have been discussing that for about a year and a half. Katya was afraid to leave everything here, in Ukraine: parents, friends, job — everything she was attached to. Katya was knowable sort of people, that's why it seemed impossible to shook down to new conditions in United Kingdom. Out of the blue she claimed that their relatioships goes to nothing and it is better to break up. But after a month she confirmed the date of the wedding and also she would take a second name as they would live in London.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Hello, Internets

Hello, Internets. There was an unfortunately accident with me. Yesterday, I ran into car, with drunken idiot inside. Now. I have my leg broken. Thanks God, that nothing worse happened. And - a good thing - I have my tab with mem and i can write, surf Internets :).