Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Memories about my first live chat date on uadreams.com!!!

I have to say that many girls will write you on Uadreams, but you will choose some of them who will be your best friends. You will get all the uadreams full info to know the girls better. I was writing with five girls and I finally managed to speak to one from them in uadreams video chat!
I couldn't wait share with friends my impressions, it was like bright sunshine after the rain, like water in the desert!!! The girl was awesome!!

At first I saw her sitting in a little room, it was the office of Uadreams. She had a green dress on, she was so beautiful and tender. She was shy in front of camera, I noticed that a translator was near her, I understood this by movements of my beloved Ania, and later she confirmed me that her words are translated.

She turned out to be very optimistic and told me about her family and friends. She told that the day before she visited her grandmother in a neighbour town and they made fruit jam together. She was a student and wanted to work as a travel manager. All my former doubts about uadreams scams disappeared — she was so real and so charming...

She looked at me and smiled... oh what for a warm and charming smile is was... I was not immune to the temptation to chat with her again and again... I thought - I will be the happiest man in the world if I find such a beautiful girl from Ukraine and marry her!!! I also wrote something very good for UaDreams testimonials section of this dating site and the whole world should know about my love!!!

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